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PSU for Nanoleaf Canvas

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Product Overview

Replacement or additional power supply units for all Nanoleaf Canvas products. Available in 24W | Plug-In, 75W | Plug-In, and 75W | In-Wall models.

What's in the Box?

  • [1] Power Supply Unit for Nanoleaf Canvas
  • [1] A/C plug for Nanoleaf Canvas
  • [1] 96" / 244cm cord (24W model only)
  • [1] 120" / 305cm cord (75W models only)
  • [1] 240" / 610cm cord (75W models only)
For optimal performance, do not use both 24W and 75W power supplies in the same Nanoleaf Canvas system. In-Wall models connect discretely to building electrical wiring, and must be installed by a certified electrician only. Learn more about the Nanoleaf Canvas at Only compatible with the Nanoleaf Canvas product line.


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